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Folk group Bystrina from Banska Bystrica is writing its history for more than 30 years.

Formation of the group dates back to 01.10.1980, when by the authority of the House of Culture in Banska Bystrica we merged with many smaller groups and created one representational body.

Since its inception, we have visited many festivals in Europe, Asia and Africa.

With our repertoire, we spread the joy all over Slovakia and demonstrated our art at many folk festivals, including Podpolianske Festival, Kosice days and Horehronské days of singing and dancing in Helpa. Personalities like Messrs. Tibor Sedlický, John Pivoluska, Juraj Pecník and many others significantly left their handwriting on the renowned name Bystrina.

Dance, music, singing, folk costumes - fragments of the past that we wish to continue to present to people, audiences who remember and do not want to forget the unique expression of our ancestors.
Regional individuality and variety is compelling us to expand the boundaries of creativity not only for the home area of Podpolanie, but for a wide spectrum of Slovakia. Fantasy is for us a memento of youth and uniqueness, by which the great individualities of the past excelled, and we do not want to neglect it in our perception of folk expression.

The core group consists of a team of young people who with their enthusiasm and vigor for the folk art have the highest credit for the existence of the group and its achievements. We, our will and the determination compels us to meet on daily basis, to work, to prepare new and fresh perspectives for the stage processing of the folk art.

Our commitment does not know the word end, our appetite for folk expression has no limitations and your joy which we expressed to you for those 30 years is telling us that we want to continue until we are no longer physically capable.

If it will not be us, then others will come after us ...



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